• Room to Grow

    Room to Grow

    Room to Grow: A Glimpse of Contemporary Chicana/o Symbols

    In "Room to Grow", curators Tomás Montoya and Manuel Fernando Rios,
    embark on a visual narrative that unveils the profound transformation of
    modern Chicana/o art. Rooted in the socio-political civil rights movement
    of the 1960’s, Chicano art emerged as a potent force for cultural
    expression, indigenous reawakening, and political activism. Over time, this rebellious artistic movement has evolved to encompass a diverse variety of styles, themes, and voices, that continually build on the socio-political and cultural foundations of the Chicano Movement.

    This exhibition serves as a testament to the multifaceted nature of
    Chicana/o art, showcasing how it has expanded its initial context to
    become a rich tapestry of contemporary social, political and cultural
    expression. The artists featured in "Room to Grow" employ an array of
    mediums and techniques, drawing inspiration from their cultural heritage
    while pushing the boundaries of traditional forms. The artworks on display reflect the ongoing dialogue between tradition and innovation within the Chicano artistic landscape. "Room to Grow" invites viewers to witness the ever-expanding boundaries of Chicana/o art and engage with the diverse narratives that continue to shape this vibrant and evolving cultural movement.

  • What You Give

    What You Give

    The Latino Center of Art and Culture is proud to announce a new art exhibition launching this March: "What You Give," curated by Manuel Fernando Rios and Jose Arenas. The Opening Reception will take place Saturday, March 11th from 5-8pm. Come and join us for an evening full of art!

    The Exhibition
    Chicanismo is a way of life. It is an ideology that puts emphasis on culture, identity, community, and education. In the exhibition What You Give, curators Rios and Arenas invited Chicana/o/x instructors Gina Aparicio, Sandi Escobar, Eddie Lampkin and Elyse Doyle Martinez to present work alongside their students. These educators use art to foster youth development at UC Davis, TANA (Woodland), Sierra College (Rocklin), Woodland Community College and Cache Creek High School (Woodland). The presentation What You Give will create a dialogue between these Chicana/o/x teachers and the students they instruct, going beyond the technical aspects of visual arts education into ideas of mentorship, community and a diversity of visual expression.

  • Vibrant Exploration: works in representational abstraction

    Vibrant Exploration: works in representational abstraction

    Vibrant Exploration: works in representational abstraction

    Curated by Omar Thor Arason and Manuel Fernando Rios, this collection of diverse artists intertwines the recognizable with the abstract. The combining of these two opposite approaches creates an exciting and unexpected visual experience

  • Myrtle Press Exchange: Origins

    I will be participating in Myrtle Press' 2nd annual print exchange. It will include a variety of exhibitions starting with the Pence Gallery in Davis, CA. More details to come!